A monthly comedy/multimedia show produced by George Chen, Land Smith, Scott Vermeire, Aviva Siegel, and Will Scovill.
First Friday of the month at Lost Weekend Video 1034 Valencia St, San Francisco
  • Talkies comes to Los Angeles! 

    We’ll be at Echoes Under Sunset on Saturday June 14th 


    San Francisco’s long-running (2 years is long to us) comedy show that has featured lots of weird powerpoints, characters, and videos is coming to Echoes Under Sunset for one night! June 14th, hope you can make it out!

    Sad Vicious
    Erik Charles Nielsen
    (soon-to-be hometown hero) Caitlin Gill 
    Anna Seregina
    Clare O’Kane 
    Miles K 
    Jesse Elias
    Land Smith 
    George Chen 
    Kyle Mizono and James Austin Johnson 
    Cameron Vannini 

    Eric Svedas

    short film by David Enos+Mishell Stimson+Sarah Hagey, Matt Marblo


    8 pm
    $5 enforceable suggestion

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