A monthly comedy/multimedia show produced by George Chen, Land Smith, Scott Vermeire, Aviva Siegel, and Will Scovill.
First Friday of the month at Lost Weekend Video 1034 Valencia St, San Francisco
  • Friday April 5
    Sad People Talkies 

    a crossover between the LA show Sad People Talking and the SF multimedia/powerpoint/video show Talkies.
    Kyle Mizono, Mary Van Note, Jay Weingarten, Josef Anolin, Anna Seregina, Jesse Elias, George Chen, Clare O’Kane, Land Smith, Ahamed Weinberg.

    8 pm
    call ahead to reserve spots - 415-643-3373

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      4/5. Sad People Talkies @ Lost Weekend Video. 1034 Valencia St. SF. $10. 8pm. Featuring Jay Weingarten, Kyle Mizono,...
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