A monthly comedy/multimedia show produced by George Chen, Land Smith, Scott Vermeire, Aviva Siegel, and Will Scovill.
First Friday of the month at Lost Weekend Video 1034 Valencia St, San Francisco
  • Talkies is a show for standups to work outside their regular routines; videos, powerpoint presentations, and characters are encouraged. Started by George Chen and Anna Seregina at the art space ATA, the show has moved to Lost Weekend Video’s Cinecave with the extended crew of Clare O’Kane, Jesse Elias, Miles K, and Land Smith. For this special Sketchfest edition they will be joined by San Jose’s Sad Vicious, Bay Area favorite Chris Garcia (The Business, WTF), skateboard rabbi Josh Androsky (Hamclown), and Cameron Esposito (SXSW, Bridgetown). The program includes short films by Joey Izzo and David Enos, among others.


    Friday, February 1, 8pm, Cinecave at Lost Weekend, 21+

    Tickets available here

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      2/1. Talkies (Comedy+Film) @ Lost Weekend Video. 1034 Valencia St. $10. 8PM. Featuring George Chen, Anna Seregina, Chris...
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