A monthly comedy/multimedia show produced by George Chen, Land Smith, Scott Vermeire, Aviva Siegel, and Will Scovill.
First Friday of the month at Lost Weekend Video 1034 Valencia St, San Francisco
  • Talkies 4 lineup!

    Friday Sept 14th @ ATA, 992 Valencia St, SF

    8 pm $8

    guest host Alison Stevenson!

    Casey Ley
    Duat Mai
    Yayne Abeba
    Channing Kennedy
    Jesse Fernandez

    Jesse Elias

    films by
    Shana Moulton
    David Enos

    Janelle Hessig

    Nick Stargu (aka DJ Real) and Mary Van Note

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      9/14. Talkies @ Artists’ Television Access. 992 Valencia St. SF. 8PM. $8. Featuring Casey Ley, Duat Mai, Yayne Abeba,...
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